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Source : Respective CPSEs Updated as on April 24 2023

Title 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd (AYCL) application-pdf.png2.39 MB application-pdf.png 3.16 MB application-pdf.png4.35 MB application-pdf.png14.9 MB application-pdf.png1.73 MB application-pdf.png2.96 MB application-pdf.png2.65 MB
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited ( BHEL ) application-pdf.png22.99 MB application-pdf.png 21.12 MB application-pdf.png14.8 MB application-pdf.png25.93 MB application-pdf.png16.01 MB application-pdf.png13.39 MB application-pdf.png16.83 MB
The Braithwaite Burn and Jessop Construction Company Limited application-pdf.png329.82 KB application-pdf.png 15.19 MB application-pdf.png3.25 MB application-pdf.png3.61 MB application-pdf.png1.48 MB application-pdf.png3.38 MB application-pdf.png12.54 MB
Bharat Pumps & Compressors Ltd. ( BPCL ) application-pdf.png23.11 MB application-pdf.png 19.39 MB application-pdf.png30.3 MB application-pdf.png7.02 MB application-pdf.png7.22 MB application-pdf.png5 MB application-pdf.png10.19 MB
Richardson & Cruddas ( R&C ) application-pdf.png1.29 MB application-pdf.png 12.29 MB application-pdf.png4.5 MB application-pdf.png2.39 MB application-pdf.png4.38 MB application-pdf.png16.55 MB application-pdf.png7.56 MB
Tungbhadra Steel Products Ltd. ( TSPL ) application-pdf.png19.04 MB application-pdf.png 164.32 KB application-pdf.png1.35 MB application-pdf.png470.32 KB application-pdf.png506.33 KB application-pdf.png534.93 KB application-pdf.png286.14 KB
Bridge & Roof Company ( India ) Ltd. ( B&R ) application-pdf.png4.42 MB application-pdf.png 32.84 MB application-pdf.png46.3 MB application-pdf.png3.69 MB application-pdf.png6 MB application-pdf.png22.67 MB application-pdf.png3.95 MB
Hindustan Cables Ltd. ( HCL ) application-pdf.png403.25 KB application-pdf.png 37.8 MB application-pdf.png19.29 MB application-pdf.png6.16 MB application-pdf.png6.35 MB application-pdf.png23.11 MB application-pdf.png5.78 MB
Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd. ( HEC ) application-pdf.png602.66 KB application-pdf.png 1.11 MB application-pdf.png47.85 MB application-pdf.png1.14 MB application-pdf.png3.04 MB application-pdf.png3.16 MB application-pdf.png2.61 MB
HMT Ltd. ( HMT ) application-pdf.png761.78 KB application-pdf.png 719.02 KB application-pdf.png896.26 KB application-pdf.png1.72 MB application-pdf.png1.42 MB application-pdf.png16.19 MB application-pdf.png12.87 MB
HMT ( International ) ( Subs. HMT ) application-pdf.png361.02 KB application-pdf.png 307.74 KB application-pdf.png426.27 KB application-pdf.png611.45 KB application-pdf.png2.56 MB application-pdf.png17.93 MB application-pdf.png19.71 MB
HMT Machine Tools Ltd application-pdf.png397.53 KB application-pdf.png 368.36 KB application-pdf.png370.74 KB application-pdf.png872.41 KB application-pdf.png1.31 MB application-pdf.png17.54 MB application-pdf.png6.28 MB
HMT Watches Ltd application-pdf.png310.04 KB application-pdf.png 315.76 KB application-pdf.png302.43 KB application-pdf.png677.53 KB application-pdf.png839.89 KB application-pdf.png881.79 KB application-pdf.png3.74 MB
Instrumentation Limited, Kota ( ILK ) application-pdf.png24.12 MB application-pdf.png 23.52 MB application-pdf.png19.58 MB application-pdf.png2.13 MB application-pdf.png63.8 MB application-pdf.png44.93 MB application-pdf.png8.61 MB
Rajashthan Electronics & Instruments Ltd. ( REIL ) application-pdf.png3.54 MB application-pdf.png 1.43 MB application-pdf.png4.53 MB application-pdf.png2.02 MB application-pdf.png16.08 MB application-pdf.png16.62 MB application-pdf.png12.3 MB
Scooters India Ltd. ( SIL ) application-pdf.png10.36 MB application-pdf.png 1.27 MB application-pdf.png2.22 MB application-pdf.png4.57 MB application-pdf.png3.85 MB application-pdf.png9.92 MB application-pdf.png3.7 MB
Cement Corporation of India Ltd. ( CCI ) application-pdf.png16.78 MB application-pdf.png 45.28 MB application-pdf.png5.39 MB application-pdf.png12.44 MB application-pdf.png5.59 MB application-pdf.png5.37 MB application-pdf.png7.74 MB
Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Co. Ltd. ( HPF ) application-pdf.png661.51 KB application-pdf.png 1.19 MB application-pdf.png1.07 MB application-pdf.png1.17 MB application-pdf.png1.06 MB
Hindustan Salts Ltd. ( HSL ) application-pdf.png 8.34 MB application-pdf.png4.65 MB application-pdf.png45.97 MB application-pdf.png22.51 MB application-pdf.png26 MB application-pdf.png9.09 MB
Sambhar Salts Ltd. ( SSL ) Subs. (HSL) application-pdf.png86.76 MB application-pdf.png 43.18 MB application-pdf.png85.94 MB application-pdf.png17.8 MB application-pdf.png18.28 MB application-pdf.png26.06 MB application-pdf.png14.65 MB
NEPA Ltd. ( NEPA ) application-pdf.png 12.31 MB application-pdf.png10.28 MB application-pdf.png27.36 MB application-pdf.png17.14 MB application-pdf.png5.24 MB application-pdf.png8.06 MB
Engineering Projects ( India ) Ltd. ( EPI ) application-pdf.png4.44 MB application-pdf.png 6.58 MB application-pdf.png10.28 MB application-pdf.png19.67 MB application-pdf.png10.12 MB application-pdf.png24.19 MB application-pdf.png12.88 MB
National Bicycle Corporation of India Ltd. (NBCIL) application-pdf.png1.05 MB application-pdf.png 1.45 MB application-pdf.png2.21 MB application-pdf.png1.45 MB application-pdf.png980.88 KB application-pdf.png2.2 MB application-pdf.png10.11 MB
Autonomous Bodies:
Title 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Fluid Control Research Institute ( FCRI ) application-pdf.png17.34 MB application-pdf.png 8.29 MB application-pdf.png1.92 MB application-pdf.png1.19 MB application-pdf.png3.76 MB application-pdf.png8.41 MB application-pdf.png4.08 MB
The Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI ) application-pdf.png1.75 MB application-pdf.png 2.24 MB application-pdf.png8.41 MB application-pdf.png1.53 MB application-pdf.png3.86 MB application-pdf.png3.14 MB application-pdf.png2.71 MB
NATRIP Implementation Society (for the Implementations of National Automotive Testing and Research & Development Infrastructure Project) application-pdf.png4.18 MB application-pdf.png 18.38 MB application-pdf.png3.39 MB application-pdf.png3.39 MB application-pdf.png9.6 MB
Central Manufacturing Technology Institute ( CMTI ) application-pdf.png54.26 MB application-pdf.png 4.33 MB application-pdf.png6.24 MB application-pdf.png5.79 MB application-pdf.png9.01 MB application-pdf.png15.34 MB application-pdf.png51.23 MB

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