GST Concession Certificate for Persons with Disabilities

Ministry of Finance, Government of India has provided the concessional rate Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Cars for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) vide Notification No - 14/2019 - Integrated Tax Rate dated 30th September 2019 (amended from time to time).

Accordingly, MHI issued revised guidelines on 24th October 2019. And online portal has been launched for issuing certificates to the persons having orthopedic disability of 40% or above, irrespective of the fact that the applicant drives the vehicle himself or otherwise. The applicant may visit URL:-  for applying for this concessional certificate.


Vehicles permitted for GST concession are:

The concession can be availed for following motor vehicles of length not exceeding 4000 mm only

Petrol, LPG or compressed natural gas driven vehicles of engine capacity not exceeding 1200 cc  
Diesel driven vehicles of engine capacity not exceeding 1500 cc.

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