CPSEs' and Autonomous Bodies

Source : JD(CPSED)

Updated as on 06-08-2021

Center Public Sector Enterprises and Autonomous Bodies under Ministry of Heavy Industries

Links to the websites of Central Public Sector Enterprises under Ministry of Heavy Industries

CPSEs' under Ministry:-

1.     Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited

2.     Engineering Projects (India) Limited

3.     Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

4.       HMT Limited

5. Hindustan Machine Tools (Machine Tools Limited)

6.  Hindustan Machine Tools (International Limited)

7.  Andrew Yule and Company Limited

8.     Cement Corporation of India Limited

9.  Hindustan Salts Limited

10. Sambhar Salts Limited

11.  Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Limited

12.  NEPA Limited (under revival)

13. Richardson and Cruddas (1972) Limited

14.  Bridge and Roof Company (India) Limited

15.  The Braithwaite Burn and Jessop Construction Company Limited




CPSEs/Subsidiaries of CPSEs under liquidation/winding up/ closure/ transfer to other Departments/Organizations:

(a)  CPSEs under closure

  1. Hindustan Cables Limited
  2. Instrumentation Limited
  3. Hindustan Photo Films Manufacturing Company Limited
  4. Tungabhadra Steel Products Limited
  5. Scooters India Limited
  6. Bharat Pumps and Compressors Limited
  7. HMT (Bearing) Limited   (Subsidiary of HMT Ltd)
  8. HMT (Watches Limited) (Subsidiary of HMT Ltd)
  9. HMT (Chinar Watches Limited) (Subsidiary of HMT Ltd)

(b)  CPSEs under transfer

  1.  BHEL Electrical Machines Limited (Subsidiary of BHEL Ltd)

(c) CPSEs under liquidation

  1. Bharat Ophthalmic Glass Limited
  2. Bharat Leather Corporation Limited
  3. Tannery and Footwear Corporation of India Limited
  4. Rehabilitation Industries Corporation
  5. Bharat Yantra Nigam Limited
  6. National Industrial Development Corporation Limited
  7. Mining and Allied Machinery Corporation Limited
  8. Cycle Corporation of India Limited
  9. Reyrolle Burn Limited
  10. Weighbird (India) Limited
  11. Bharat Brakes and Valves Limited
  12. Bharat Process and Mechanical Engineers Limited
  13. Triveni Structurals Limited
  14. Tyre Corporation of India Limited
  15. National Bicycle Corporation of India Limited
  16. Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited
  17. Nagaland Pulp and Paper Company Limited
  18. Hindustan Newsprint Limited


Autonomous Bodies:

1.      Fluid Control Research Institute ( FCRI )

2.      The Automotive Research Association of India ( ARAI )

3.      NATRIP Implementation Society (for the Implementations of National Automotive Testing and Research & Development Infrastructure Project)

4.     Central Manufacturing Technology Institute ( CMTI )

Sector Skill Councils :

1. Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council ( IESC ) 

2. Capital Goods Skill Council (CGSC)

3. Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC)

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