Brief Overview

Heavy Electrical Industry is an important manufacturing sector, which caters to the need of energy sector & other industrial sectors. Major equipment like boilers, turbo generators, turbines, transformers switch gears and relays and related accessories are manufactured by this Sector. The performance of this industry is closely linked to the power capacity addition programme of the country. For the 12th plan targeted capacity addition will be about 88000MW corresponding to 9% economic growth. There is a strong manufacturing base for the manufacture of Heavy Electrical equipment in the country. Manufacturer of Heavy Electrical equipment have absorbed subcritical technology up to a unit capacity of 660 MW and gearing up for adopting super-critical technology for unit size of 800 MW and above for thermal sets. Industry is also augmenting its installed capacity to meet future power capacity addition targets of the country. Gas turbines up to 260 MW Unit capacity and Transmission and Distribution equipment up to higher voltage class of 1200 KV are also being manufactured by Indian Industry.

Steam Generators

Steam generator is a pressurised system in which water is vaporised to steam, the desired end product, by heat transferred from a source of higher temperature, usually the products of combustion from burning fuels. High pressure steam thus generated may be used directly as the working fluid in a prime mover to convert thermal energy to mechanical work, which in turn may be converted to electrical energy. BHEL is the largest manufacturer of boiler in the country accounting to around 2/3rd of the domestic market share. It has the capacity to manufacture conventional steam generators for utilities ranging from 30 MW to 660 MW capacity and super critical boilers up to 800 MW capacity using coal, lignite, oil, natural gas or a combination of these fuels.

Turbines and Generators

Indigenous capability for manufacture of various kinds of turbines such as steam turbines and hydro turbines including industrial turbines has been established up to unit size of 800 MW for steam, 270 MW for Hydro and 260 MW for gas turbine. Apart from BHEL which has largest installed capacity, there are other manufacturers in the private sector who are manufacturing turbines for power generation and industrial use. Generators up to 800 MW size for utility and combined cycle application are also manufactured within the country. The AC Generator industry in India is adequately catering to the to the alternative power requirement of large and small industries, commercial establishments and domestic sector. For this sector, manufacturers in India are capable of manufacturing AC Generator right from 0.5 KVA to 25000 KVA with specified voltage ratings.


A transformer is an electrical device which changes Voltage levels and facilitates transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power in most efficient and economic manner. The health of transformer Industry depends largely on the power generation and transmission system programme. The major user of this product is the State Electricity Board. Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. and other Industries. Some special types of transformers are also manufactured which are used for the purpose of welding, traction and electrical furnaces etc. The Transformer Industry in India has developed for over 50 years and has a well matured technology base. Energy efficient amorphous core distribution transformers with low losses and low noise levels are also being developed to meet International requirement.

Quality Control Order (Qco) On Electrical Transformers

In consultation with the stakeholders, the Department has notified a QCO that mandates BIS Certification for up to 2500 KVA three phase and up to 25 KVA single phase Transformers as per the revised IS: 1180 part 1/2014. This Quality Control Order shall be effective from 01.02.2015.

The Possibility of technology development for the indigenous manufacturing of Cold Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) Steel is being explored.

Switch gear & Control gear

Switchgear refers to the combination of electrical disconnects, fuses and/or circuit breakers used to isolate electrical equipment. Switchgear is used both to de-energise equipment to allow work to be done and to clear faults downstream. Switchgear & Control gear are indispensable not only in transmission and distribution of power, but any where there is a need to access and control electricity. The Indian Switchgear Industry is manufacturing entire range of circuit breaker form bulk oil, minimum oil, air blast, vacuum to sulphur hexafluoride as per standard specification. Switchgear & Control gear Industry in India is a fully developed and mature industry, producing and supplying a wide variety of switchgear: and control gear items needed by the industrial and power sector. This industry sector in fact manufactures the entire voltage range from 240 V to 800 KV

Secondary equipment such as relays used for various types of fault protection, also known as control gear, have made significant advances due to major development in the field of electronics. The digital relays are fast replacing the conventional relays due to technology advancement, compact size & its reliability. As per recent trend & addition to protection and control of power, monitoring and signaling are becoming integral part of switchgears. With monitoring, the fault conditions can be predicated whereas signaling helps to know the status of switch gears at various locations.

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