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Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry

Heavy Electrical equipment Industry is an important manufacturing sector, which caters to the need of energy sector &other industrial sectors. Major equipment like steam generators, turbo generators, turbines, transformers switch gears and relays and related accessories are manufactured by this Sector. The performance of this industry is closely linked to the power capacity addition programme of' the country. For the 12th plan targeted capacity addition will be about 88000 MW corresponding to 9% economic growth.

There is a strong manufacturing base for the manufacture of Heavy Electrical equipments in the country. Manufacturers of Heavy Electrical equipment have absorbed sub-critical technology up to a unit capacity of 660 MW and gearing up for adopting super-critical technology for unit size of 800 MW and above for thermal sets.Industry is also augmenting its installed capacity to meet future power capacity addition targets of the country. Gas turbines upto 260 MW Unit capacity and Transmission and Distribution equipment up to higher voltage class of1200KV are also being manufactured by Indian Industry.

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